Shirley Rod and Gun Club Range Rules

Below you'll find the range rules for the rifle and pistol ranges.   Ranges can be used only by members and their guests.   Members must accompany their guests at all times.   If you see anyone breaking any of the rules below, please report it to the Range Chairman or one of the Club Officers.   Their names and numbers can be found on the Calendar of Events.

All Ranges

  • Range hours are 10:00 AM to dusk on Sunday, 8:00 AM to dusk Monday to Saturday.
  • There are red flags at each range.   If you are the first to use the range, raise the flag.   The last person to leave the range should lower it.   The flags in in place to alert people approaching the ranges from behind, and allow them to put on hearing protection before entering a "hot" range.
  • When sharing the range, shooting is allowed from the firing lines only.
  • Members can bring guests, but only one guest at a time may be on the firing line.
  • All firearms going onto or coming off of the range must be unloaded or holstered.
  • Absolutely NO handling of firearms is allowed while people are down range.
  • Take down your targets when you leave the range.
  • All shots must go into the bunkers or berms.
  • Full-auto fire, bump-firing, or any slide or bump-firing stocks are prohibited.
  • Tracer bullets and exploding targets are prohibited.
  • Except for Club-sanctioned events, only paper/stick-on targets or existing steel targets are allowed.   There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule. No produce, cans, bottles, propane tanks, etc can be used as targets.
  • When you're finished shooting, police your brass and remove your targets.   There are brass and dud buckets located on the range.   Please leave the range at least as clean as you found it.   If the barrels are full, feel free to empty them into the dumpster behind the clubhouse.

Rifle Range

The rifle range is located on the left as you walk into the range area.   The range features bunkers at 50, 75, 100, and 200 yards.   There are also a series of pipes sunk into the ground down the left edge of the range to hold wood strapping onto which shotgun (birdshot) targets can be placed.

The following rules apply when using the rifle range:

  • A maximum of 4 shooters at a time are allowed on the firing line.
  • All shots must go into the bunkers.
  • All targets must be put onto cardboard squares, and placed into the clips on the strapping in the bunkers.   The cardboard is stored in a rack on the left wall of the rifle range building.
  • Targets should NEVER be placed on or attached to the telephone poles that frame the bunkers.
  • Steel targets are installed in the 100 and 200 yard bunkers.   These targets can be shot with any caliber except .50 BMG.
  • Shotguns:
    • Clay targets are not allowed.
    • Do not fire birdshot into the bunkers.   It rips up the telephone poles that frame the bunkers.
    • To pattern a shotgun with birdshot, attach your target to the wood strapping in one of the pipes set into the ground along the left side of the range.   Extra strapping is stored in the range buildings.
    • Slugs can be fired into any of the bunkers.
    • Buckshot can be fired only into the 50-yard bunker.

Pistol Range

The pistol range is located on the right as you enter the range area.   The range features berms at 20 and 65 yards.   There is also a steel plate rack and a dueling tree.

The following rules apply when using the pistol range:

  • A maximum of 5 shooters at once are allowed on the firing line.
  • No high power rifles or shotguns are allowed on the pistol range.   You may shoot handguns and pistol-caliber carbines/rifles only (.22LR is OK).
  • All shots must hit either the steel targets or go directly through paper targets and into the berms.   No shots should ever hit the ground before hitting the berm.   When you (or your guest) pull the trigger, you are responsible for that bullet until it comes to rest.
  • Except for Club-sanctioned events and the existing steel targets, only paper/stick-on targets are allowed on the pistol range.   All targets must be put onto the strapping and cardboard target holders, which are placed into the target stands.   The target holders are stored near the right wall of the pistol range building.
  • Targets should NEVER be placed on the ground.   Ever.
  • Shooters must shoot from behind the benches on the firing line.   Except for Club-sanctioned events, no shooting is allowed forward of the benches.
  • Steel Targets:
    • Use only non-magnum handguns on the steel targets.   Magnums will beat up the targets, and we paid a lot of money for them.
    • Do not shoot the steel targets with a .22LR.   If they don't move the plates, they will ricochet back toward the line.