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Click here for information on membership renewals.


We are currently accepting new members.   If you have previously placed your name on the waiting list, you should have received an email from us.   If not, there's no need to contact us - just come to a monthly meeting and sign up.

PLEASE NOTE: The Shirley Rod and Gun Club has a membership limit of 400.   We are currently below this cap, and accepting new members.   Once the limit has been reached, applicants will be put onto a waiting list.

It's simple to join;   just click on the link below and print the membership application.   Fill it out, and bring it with you to one of our monthly meetings (held on the 2nd Thursday of every month at 7:30 PM).

Show up a few minutes early and ask for one of the club officers or the membership chairman.   (they're usually hanging around at the table in front).

Bring cash or a check with you.   Membership dues are $75 per year, plus a $75 initiation fee, payable when you first join.   We try to keep an active membership, so we ask that you put in a minimum of 4 hours per year helping out at the club.   If you put in your time, we'll waive the initiation fee on subsequent years (you do have to pay it the first year though).

If you're too busy to help out, that's OK.   We will however, ask that you pay the $75 inititation fee each year that you do not put in your 4 hours.   It's only fair - It's a lot of work to keep the place up and run the events.   If you can't help, we'll take the cash.

Before using the ranges, new members are required to attend an orientation walk-through where the Range Rules and policies will be thoroughly explained.   The walk-through is usually held immediately after the meeting, or on the Saturday after the monthly meeting at 9:00 AM, and will take about 30 minutes.  

Our year goes from March to March.   Membership renewal dues are to be paid at our annual meeting held on the 2nd Thursday in March.

Please Note:   There's a field on the application for "Recommended By".   If you don't have a sponsor, it's not a big deal.   Just see one of the officers before the meeting and he will sponsor you.