Shirley Rod and Gun Club Dog Policy

The Shirley Rod and Gun is a dog friendly and dog welcoming environment.   Many members of the club are sportsman and sportswomen who own dogs.   This policy is intended to keep those beloved dogs as well as club members, safe while on club grounds.

  • No dogs are ever allowed on any of the club ranges (rifle, archery, shot gun pistol or 3D).

  • All dogs will be leashed and under the control of the owner/handler during all formal and informal events (shoots, meetings, archery shoots, work crews, organized fishing etc.).

  • Any dog that demonstrates aggressive behavior that is witnessed by one or more club members or that causes injury to a club member will no longer be allowed on the Shirley Rod and Gun Club property.

  • No dogs are allowed in the kitchen at any time.

  • It is the responsibility of the dog owner to monitor and maintain the safety of their dog at all times while on club property.   Dog safety is not the responsibility of club members using the club grounds or the ranges.